Hi Grier,

I wanted to follow up with Artemis Outfitters about my recent purchase of the New England Firearms break action 410 shotgun.  I picked it up at my FFL today and want you to know that I am very happy with my purchase!

This shipping was quick (would have been quicker had Top Shot not delayed getting back to you).

The pictures didn't do it justice, the finish on the barrel and receiver are very good.  The stock is in good shape with the exception of a couple of blemishes, which are superficial and can be repaired.

Your staff was professional and I really appreciated how you took the minimal information and took care of the details yourself.  Over and over on the classifieds you find sellers who require the buyer to contact the ffl, and require the buyer to send them the license, and so on.  You guys made this a really pleasant buying experience.

Standing out is definitely the way to beat out the competition and you guys stand out.  I will certainly consider Artemis for future purchases.

Thanks again, from me and my 11 year-old son!



Jim Gilbert,

Just got my Kahr mk9 elite 03 from Artemis Outfitters and could not be happier with the purchase. The Gentleman I spoke to was a true professional and made things easy. Bought the gun over the weekend and it was delivered a day ahead of schedule to my FFL. They said the gun may have not have been fired but unless someone was the greatest gun cleaner ever, it was never used. I now know you can take their word as gospel. They priced the gun to make the seller as well as the buyer (me) happy based on true market value which shows what true arms professionals they are unlike some gun online sellers not to be mentioned. We all know their names. Supply and demand guys! I looked over their inventory and found it to be the same. I don't begin to say I'm a pro at gun buying but from what I've seen in the past they seem to be sold at a fair market prices based on what I've paid for arms in the past. Let's say I now know where to look for arms that are of high quality as well as fair priced in the future. Especially true in hard to find products. Hope to someday visit their store and meet these fine people.

Kimric Dudleck,

Did a fine job of shipping some family heirloom firearms to FFL in Idaho. Trustworthy, knowledgeable.


Mike W.,

Wonderful folks to deal with.

Michael Thompson,