Clay shooting has been an international competitive sport for over a century. It comes in many forms but my personal favorite is sporting clays. It's a great way to spend the day alone, on a date or a fun family outing!!! 

Sporting clays is often described as "golf with a shotgun". A typical course includes 10-15 shooting stations laid out over natural terrain, rarely smaller than 35 acres. Shooters can walk from station to station but many courses offer golf cart rentals.

The games original intention was to mimic hunting situations. You'll find targets thrown to simulate fast moving ducks, high flying geese, flushing pheasants, hopping rabbits and more! Because of this, I feel that sporting clays offers much more challenge and diverse shooting conditions than trap or skeet.

While the courses are challenging, a beginner can easily participate and have a GREAT time. Sporting clays is arguably one of todays most popular shotgunning sports. In my opinion, it's fun for EVERYONE!! Find a course near you and give it a shot!! ENJOY!!

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